During the second quarter of 2020, ISR Immune System Regulation Holding AB (publ) carried out a rights issue of so-called units in which one (1) unit consisted of three (3) newly issued shares, one (1) warrant of series TO1 and one (1) warrant of series TO2.

The warrants of the TO2 series in summary:

  • A maximum of 8,239,377 warrants.

  • One (1) warrant entitles one (1) new share.

  • The subscription price is set for 6 November and is calculated at 70 percent of the volume-weighted average during the period 25 October – 5 November. However, at least SEK 2.90.

  • Exercise of the warrant takes place during the period 9–23 November.

The warrants of series TO1 in summary:

  • Use time: 24 February 2021–10 March 2021.

  • Redemption price: SEK 2.90 per newly subscribed share.

  • Issue volume: 8,239,377 warrants in the TO1 series. Upon full utilization, 8,239,377 shares will be issued and the company may be provided with a maximum of approximately SEK 23.9 million before issue costs.

  • The last day for trading in the warrant series TO1 is March 3, 2021.

  • Complete terms and conditions for the warrants and other information can be found below.