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Imagine a future where vaccines are applied easily by yourself, whenever you want protection, and only where the body needs it. A vaccine available for everybody, on a global basis, providing protection against all kinds of infectious diseases. We at ISR Immune System Regulation are not only certain that this future is possible, we know it is already close. Covid-19 has pushed us to apply decades of immunology research in an area with vast potential for improvement, where we can establish new and true protection with a global reach. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, ISR is an innovation driven company on a mission to improve the lives of people everywhere. Stay tuned for more.


Our approach

Foolishness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is why we are constantly challenging established routines and common wisdom in immunology. Our inhaled Covid-19 vaccine program is a testament to that. We firmly believe that our novel treatment platform, based on medical and scientific evidence, gives us a unique path to protect the body against Corona viruses including all known Covid-19 variants. But, our unique path is not limited to Corona. It allows for vaccination against other virus-derived diseases as well, such as HIV, cancer, and Hepatitis B.

Ola Winqvist, CEO

“With an inhaled vaccine we get a much more specific protection in the lungs where the disease attacks the body.”
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Overall Project Pipeline

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