Ola Winqvist

CEO and Co-founder +46 70 542 79 39

CEO since 2018, former CSO in the company, born 1962. Holding per 2021-06-30 Number of shares: 124,594 via related parties.

Ola Winqvist has more than 30 years of experience in immunological research and is a professor of cellular immunotherapy and chief physician in clinical immunology. He was previously chairman of the Swedish Immunology Association and is now chairman of the Swedish Medical Association's research delegation. The Cancer Foundation and the Swedish Research Council have continuously supported Olas research since 1999. He has also received various competitive grants from the European Union and the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems for the Development of Immunological Therapy. Ola Winqvist is a specialist and Chief Physician in Clinical Immunology and has a doctorate from Uppsala University in Sweden. He has more than 30 patents and has started several spin-off companies. In 2013, his research was awarded the Athena Prize.

Other assignments: Chairman of the Delegation for research at the Swedish Medical Association and ImmunoWise AB. Board member of, among others, TLA Targeted Immunotherapies AB.


Jonas Winqvist


COO/CFO since 2021, born 1969. Holding per 2021-06-30 Number of shares: 124,594 via related parties.

Hired as a consultant from Implement Consulting Group. Previous experience as an accountant and management consultant with a focus on organizational and business development.




Sven Rohmann


CCO since 2021, born 1962 in Germany. Holding per 2021-06-30 Number of shares: 0

Dr. Rohmann received his MD from the University of Mainz, Germany, and his PhD from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is significantly experienced in M&A and the pharmacutical industry, and spend 10 years at Merck Serono.

Dr Rohmann was also a Managing Partner of Nextech Venture in Switzerland, as well as responsible as Venture Capital Fund Manager for a Novartis Pharma AG. From 2010 to 2014 he was General Manager Europe for Burill & co, a Helthcare Venture Fund with more than $1.5 billion (USD) under management.


Jacob Harker

Chief of Manufacturing Officer

Holding per 2021-06-30 Number of shares: 0

Jacob Harker has a BSc from University of Swansea, Great Britain. He has significant experience in the development of inhaled medicines with more than 20 years of industrial experience from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, PowderJect and Circassia. He also has extensive experience in leading CMC programmes, with focus on formulating and developing medicines by the means of particle technology for delivery via lungs, nasally and through the skin.


Nigel Goodman

Chief of Clinical Operations (CCO)

Holding per 2021-06-30 Number of shares: 0

Nigel Goodman has a BSc in Pharmacology, Physiology and Microbiology from the University of Liverpool as well as a MBA from Manchester. He has a significant background in the development of innovative medicines with more than 35 years of industrial experience, from Hoffmann-La Roche in Great Britain and globally, and an American CRO. Since founding Gaea in 1994, and as the CEO of GaeaOÜ, a CRO based in Estonia, he has obtained extensive experience of the design and realization of global clinical studies for biotechnology companies.


Dr Sayad Shahjahan

Vice President foreign affairs and Board Member of ISR Vaccine AB

CEO Singapore Ltd. An international businessman that is the advisor to the government of Moldavia. vice president of international affair TLA and CarryGenes

Board of Directors


Anders Milton

Chairman of the board

Chairman of the Board since 2016, born 1947. Holdings per 2021-06-30 Number of shares: 239,402 and 1,036,307 via related parties.

Anders Milton has a PhD from Uppsala University. Milton has held several different leading positions in both the private and public sector. Including the government's national psychiatric coordinator, chairman of the Swedish Academics' Central Organization (SACO), the Swedish Red Cross and the Swedish Medical Association where he later was CEO. Milton was also a member of the disaster commission that was appointed after the tsunami disaster in 2004. He has led investigations into – among other things – Sweden’s HIV and AIDS policy, organ donation and transplantation, and what society can do to reduce the number of abortions in Sweden.

Other assignments: Chairman of Vironova AB (publ), board member of HumaNova Utbildning AB, and more.

Independent in relation to ISR and the company management and the company's major shareholders.


Gunnar Jardelöv

Co-Founder and Member of the Board

Board member since 2016, born 1947. Holding per 2021-06-30 Number of shares: 247,775 and 254,141 via related parties.

Gunnar Jardelöv has a degree in economics and a Master of Business Administration from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Jardelöv has over 50 years of experience from having worked in Sweden and abroad as CEO and member or chairman of several companies. He has developed and led a number of companies that were later sold in industries such as shipping, forwarding, oil storage, real estate, streaming services and IT. Jardelöv is now active as an investor and business angel, as well as, among other things, the assignments listed below.

Other assignments: Chairman of Seamless Distribution Systems AB and Derma Cure Sverige AB.

Independent in relation to ISR and the company management. Not independent in relation to the company's major shareholders.


Erik Kinnman

Member of the Board

Board member since 2022 Number of shares: 0

Erik Kinnman is an M.D., board certified in Neurology and Pain Management, and has comprehensive scientific qualifications from Karolinska Institutet, which has rendered him a Ph.D. and an Associate Professor. He also holds an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Erik has 26 years of experience from senior positions in Life Science, including 5 years as CEO of Abliva AB. Furthermore, Erik Kinnman has held senior positions at AstraZeneca and SOBI, among other pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and has been active as a financial analyst at Danske Bank.

Other assignments: CEO of Sprint Bioscience AB (publ), Board member of Stayble AB (publ), Chairman of the Board of Kinnman Solutions AB.

Independent in relation to ISR and the company management and the company's major shareholders.