Progress in drug development against HIV

According to there are more than 7 000 clinical trials that investigate various aspects of HIV infected patients including investigational research of new medicines against HIV, AIDS and AIDS-related conditions. In terms of drug development, there are four major areas that are still subject to intensive research driven by significant medical needs. These areas are; (i) Clinical challenges in ART-resistant HIV patients; (ii) Clinical challenges in ART-intolerant HIV patients; (iii) Compliance issues due to requirement of three to four daily doses of ART-medicines; (iv) Focused research to target mechanism of immune system regulation. In addition, there is a health economy dimension that drives development of new drugs namely the cost of ART treatment, which still is a problem in developing countries. More than fifty companies are today involved in HIV drug development, which includes development of vaccines, immune modulators and new and more effective ART drugs.


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