Board of Directors

  • Anders Milton
    Anders Milton Chairman of the Board

    MD, PhD with a background as President and later CEO of the Swedish Medical Association, Chairman of the World Medical Association, President of the Swedish Red Cross, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (SACO), etc. Member of boards of philanthropic foundations and for profit companies mostly in the life science field.

  • Hans Glise
    Hans Glise Member of the Board

    M.D, PhD, Professor and expert in pharmaceutical product development and innovation-driven collaborative research. Prior to co-founding ITH, Hans has been Vice President and Senior Vice President at Astra Zeneca, NovoNordisk, and UCB.

  • Gunnar Jardelöv
    Gunnar Jardelöv Co-Founder and Member of the Board

    MBA, from Handelshögskola in Göteborg. Board of directors and Chairman for several Swedish companies stretching from investment, shipping, oil to IT industry, SensysGatso Group AB, SEAMLESS DISTRIBUTION AB, SCANDINAVIAN TANK STORAGE AB, SCANDINAVIAN STORAGE SYSTEM AB, etc.

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